TheSalzburg Quartet The Constanze Quartet is a string quartet based in the city of Salzburg, hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, traditionally known for hosting one of the highest–class musical scenes in the world. In late 2018, after performing live-on-air in Radio France studios, winning the 3rd Prize in the International Anton Rubinstein Competition and becoming finalist of the prestigious Ysaÿe Competition, the quartet is close to release two brand new albums produced by the german label CPO.

As a chamber music ensemble grounded in the austrian tradition and in the constant pursuit of technical and creative refinement, the quartet takes part in masterclasses working along with world acclaimed musicians like the members of the Casals Quartet, Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), William Coleman (Kuss Quartet), Milan Milojicic (Minetti Quartet), Lavard Skou-Larsen, Firmian Lermer and Christoph Schlüren. Their strong mediterranean spirit is palpable in fresh and soulful performances, combining an eye-catching charm on stage with a careful selection of the repertoire. Beyond all the major works, ranging from classical to contemporary periods, the ensemble is often delighted to discover the music whether of interesting forgotten composers or newcomers’ works and invite external artists to explore the exciting world of quintets.

The Constanze Quartet performs regularly at the “Mirabell Palace”, one of the most famous concert halls in Salzburg, and eventually tours around the world, specially throughout Europe and South America.